Making PDF files for Publication

In today's modern printing business most jobs can be submitted as PressReady PDF files. These files contain all the necessary information to take your job to press. It is important to be sure that the PDF created is PressReady and not a low resolution PDF. Adobe has tools available to help you produce the correct PressReady files. If you watch this video you will find out about Acrobat XI which can produce PressReady PDF files from the programs you work with. If you click on the Adobe logo you will find  information on how to obtain this product and the option to download a free 30 day trail. You may also download a file about how to to make PDF files.

Making PDF from InDesign

InDesign in all of it's iterations has allowed for the exporting of PDF files in various formats. When you are preparing InDesign files to send to us electronically, we ask that you include a low resolution WebReady or PrintReady version so we know how you intend it to look. If you go to this InDesign Help File link it will give you valuable information on producing PDF files.

If you are sending us InDesign files to use in producing your print job, it is a good idea to send both the native InDesign files and a press ready PDF.  Download and install our PrintReady .joboptions file to make the PressReady PDF that is setup specifically for our presses.

We need you to package the InDesign files before sending them to us. To package the InDesign files go under the File menu down to Package and select it. When the dialog comes up click on Package. At the next dialog click continue. When the save dialog comes up it will default to a folder name that matches the file name. This is okay to accept. Navigate to somewhere on your computer that you will remember so you can find the folder after it has copied and be sure that the check boxes for Copy Fonts (Except CJK), Copy Linked Graphics and Update Graphic Links in Package are selected and no others.

If you are bringing the job to us on a disk or thumb drive simply copy the entire folder you just made to the disk or drive. If you are sending it to us electronically go the folder that was just created and compress it with a zip or stuff-it program. You can then either email it to us  or use the FTP tab to send it to us if it is too large to email.

To use the PrintReady .joboptions file you downloaded you will need to go under the file menu, in InDesign to the Adobe Presets area and then choose Define. Under Define you will find an option to Load. Select it and then navigate to the .joboptions file you downloaded Once it has been added to your InDesign system, you are ready to use it. Open your document and go to Export a PDF. Under your Export options you will now find one called PrintReady PDF. Chose that one and send us the PDF that it generates.